TMD Retail is a global resource for innovative & trend-forward lifestyle products with award winning designs to help maximize your profitability.


We create long term relationships with our customers through partnerships that allow us to tailor our services to meet their evolving needs. Because of our superior customer service, personalized sales approach and extensive value-added services, TMD stands out from the crowd. At TMD, we offer solutions.


Product & Design

 TMD retail

If you can imagine it, we can create it.  TMD has created innovative and on-trend solutions for thousands of products. 

Products are designed in the USA.  

TMD.  Where Trend Meets Design.

TMD Services

 TMD retail

We serve the sourcing, manufacturing and logistical needs of our clients. 

We deliver solutions in an evolving marketplace with our extensive    insight into the supply chain. 

Quality. Efficiency. Cost-Effective.         


 TMD retail

We service national retailers, global brands and a variety of industries.    Our reputation and proven track record for top-tier results have made us the go-to manufacturer for Fortune 500 companies.  

At TMD, we bring products to life.


What Can We Create For You?

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